Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5, 2011 9:38am

Last night was Hailey's first night in intermediate care instead if the ICU!  Hailey was also allowed dinner last night!  She ordered beef and mashed potatos and gravy and peas.  She's on pureed foods, so it was surprising that although gross looking, the food looked so "real".

Jen stayed with Hailey last night and had said last night:
Nothing makes you jump from a dead sleep faster than when a monitor starts beeping. Initiate panic when it's flashing "Brady" by her heart rhythm. Found out this means she's in a deep sleep so her heart rate is a little low. No big deal. Someone tell my nerves to calm down!  After a few times of it going off and no one coming in I stepped out and asked and she just said her alarm settings were probably higher here than in icu and the nurse lowered them from the desk. That didn't go off again. Then her respiratory rate kept going off ALL night long! Saying 9 breaths a min. That alarm is set at 12.  Nurse said the chest things aren't great for someone who moves. It would hit 9 then jump back up to 20. If you remember the Drs in icu kept saying that monitor count wasn't accurate. I sware I got less sleep last night from the monitors in this hall than I did from nurses in the icu.

They are supposed to be repeating the swallow test today.  Lets pray for Hailey to be able to tolerate liquids so we can get that feeding tube removed!

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