Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011 9:56pm

Hailey had a pretty good day today!  Her PT and OT therapists came to see her today and worked with Hailey's arms and legs.  Lots for me to update today though!

Hailey wiggles her fingers really well!  She shrugs her shoulders, and not only wiggles her toes but moves her whole foot while doing so!  I even saw her knee jump a time or two when she was wiggling those feet!  She gives a small smile and has a nice strong cough.  They are suctioning her a lot because of her cough and getting a good amount up while doing so!  She's moving her head and is wide awake and answering with a strong nod or shake of the head.

Don't get me wrong, there is still a LONG way to go.  But these are steps in the right direction!  She's making improvements!! 

She has her days and nights mixed up and they are trying to straighten that out by keeping her up for most of the day today.  Keeping the room nice and bright and interacting with her to help her sleep good tonight.

One of Hailey's preschool teachers came by to see her tonight.  When she showed up Hailey's eyes opened SO wide and her whole face lit up!  Hailey knew exactly who she was and was so happy to see her!  She brought Hailey a cute "Hershey kiss" that the kids at school made for her.  It was so nice and Hailey loved the visit.

Hailey's respiratory rate is all wacky tonight.  Her O2 sats and vitals are nice and stable, but her breathing is weird.  She's taking these short shallow breaths and the machine is counting her rate as anywhere between 70 and 108 breaths a minute.  That is setting off the alarms on the ventilator.  They took some blood to check her blood gas levels and for right now are keeping an eye on it.  I guess we'll see what her vent settings are like in the morning.  They didn't seem to concerned about it since her vitals and everything look ok.

Tomorrow is another plasmapheresis treatment. Looking forward to seeing some more movement from Hailey and more progress!  Hopefully we can get off the ventilator at some point this week and maybe even get some talk about rehabilitation placement.  Praying this respiratory rate is just a fluke and nothing to be concerned about.

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  1. Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!!!!! So happy to hear so much good news!!! I check a few times throughout the day for these kinds of updates, so happy to see this one :-)