Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011 11:01am

They have turned Hailey's vent settings down again.  They have said her volumes arent high enough to take her off the vent and even if they were they need to wean her slowly so her lungs don't collapse. She's been on the ventilator a week and a half now and Jen and Dave just really want to hear her voice again.

The nurse practitioner has made a case for NOT doing the PICC line by saying the ones Hailey has now have been good and she thinks if they do need to do another IV they could get another vein so it isn't a neccessity right now.  Of course that could change, but they think they could do without it for now.

Hailey also moved 4 fingers on her hand this morning!  When asked to raise her arm she wasn't able to, but she did wiggle her fingers.

Another plasmapherisis treatment today at some point.

Please pray for some progress in the breathing area so we can get Hailey off this ventilator!

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