Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 26, 2011 10:36pm

Today was a stable, uneventful day!  We'll take it!  As I said in the previous post Hailey's ventilator has been changed.  It's now a bi-level ventilator which allows her to spontaneously breathe on her own while also giving her breaths when needed.  The ventilator is giving her 11 breaths.  Hailey is doing the rest of the breathing on her own! Her eyes are open nice and wide when she's awake and she's nodding and shaking her head softly in response to questions.

She is still getting the breathing treatments and her lungs still sound good.

Hailey will continue with the breathing treatments tomorrow and will resume the plasmapherisis on Monday.  We're grateful for the stable days and are praying for some movement in Hailey's extremeties soon.  We want her off the ventilator and back to her old self :(

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