Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24, 2011 8:41pm

Hailey has had a stable day! They did the plasmapheresis today and Hailey's blood pressure dropped once and they had to pause treatment and push IV fluids.  They then were able to continue treatment and complete it. They believe Hailey has Atlectasis and not pneumonia.  It is similar to pneumonia except it moves around so each time they put Hailey on her left side it moves to her left side and when she's on her right the fluid and stuff is in her right side.

They have her on a machine that basically puts little puffs of air in her lungs, like a fake cough.  We hope along with the stronger antibiotic this will help get rid of the atlectasis.

They will take another blood sample in the morning to check her platelet levels and see if she can tolerate another treatment tomorrow.

Pray for Hailey's blood to replenish the platelets and for the antibiotics and treatments to work on her lungs!

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